Swahili lyrics

Swahili, which is influenced by Arabic, originated in East Africa. You can learn more about Swahili here. Below are phrases I use in "hands." and what they mean:

  1. "Inachukua muda kupenda" means "love takes time."

  2. "Upendo ni mzuri" means "love is beautiful."

  3. "Upendo hushinda yote" means "love conquers all."

African Royalty

  1. Cetewayo

  2. King Hannibal

  3. King Mansa Musa

  4. Shaka

  5. Nana Yaa Asantewaa

  6. King Ramesses II

  7. Akhenaton

  8. Taharqa

  9. Queen Nzingha

  10. Queen of Sheba

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