"legs." introduces you to HUMAN by humorously describing rape culture. It reveals the struggles that survivors can have with feeling safe. Released for Mardi Gras season, it celebrates my New Orleans roots and having fun! Listen and learn about Louisiana below:

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creole lyrics

Louisianan Creole, which is believed to stem from French, Yoruba, and other languages, is used by Mardi Gras Indians. To learn about Mardi Gras Indians, click here.  Below are the phrases I use in "legs." and what they mean:

  1. "Mighty cooty fiyo!" is a secret rallying cry. Only Mardi Gras Indians know what it means.

  2. "Chock-o-mo fee nah nee!" means, "We mean business!"

  3. "Tu way pocky way!" and "Oom bah way!" mean "Get out of my way!"

  4. Coochie, marlee!" means "Here I am, let's go!"

Coochie was the nickname of a Seminole chief who helped African Americans escape from slavery. Because friends help each other escape from dangerous situations, I used "Coochie, marlee" as a metaphor for  bystander intervention. 

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