"Guts" is a song about not letting what happened to you keep you from your dreams. Released for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, as well as my birth month, "guts" pays tribute to my Asian ancestors! Although I focused on China, which is the country my great-great-grandfather was from, I incorporated other sounds from East Asia and South Asia. Listen for free, download the song for a dollar or more, and follow along with the lyrics below!

No, you're not good enough
You don't have the talent or the skills
No, you're not who we want
You don't have the background or the look
You can't do this, you can't do that
You don't try hard enough to win
No, you don't have the guts
Those are the things people say to me


Fee-fi-fo-fume, here they come now
Naysayers with angry torches
I feel their hate and ignorance
Breathe out self-doubt, breathe in self-esteem


I don't care what people say
I do me, go my own way
Tell me no I'll prove you wrong


Ohm, yes, I'm good enough
Ohm, yes, I'm talented
Ohm, yes, I have the skills
Ohm, yes, I belong here
Wait, what 'cha say to me?


Fee-fi-fo-fume, here I come now
Descendant of mighty dragons
Run from karma, hide with no luck
My honor is scorching the whole earth


I don't care what people say
I do me, go my own way
Tell me no I'll prove you wrong


Roar! From my belly fire burn
Destroy every single no
Make them say, "I'm sorry!" Ugh
They were so wrong


Burn like those people burned me for years
I tried to put out every flame with millions of tears
I smelt the smoke from their mouths suffocating me
I tried to run away but passed out from their cruelty
They say you gotta have thick skin in this industry
Well yeah, you'll take longer to melt but will eventually
And y'all sent me to the burn unit dead
I'm revived now and I'm coming for your head so run


Fear the magic of a bold Gemini
I'll have you expecting one thing
Then switch up and change the game


Yeah, I call that move the sneak attack
When I trade places with my twin before I react
You messed the nice one while the mean watched
Now we've traded places
We've traded places, like


Yes, I have the guts
Try to make me think that something's wrong with me
You said to stop chasing dreams because they're fantasies
Watch me turn all them into reality! Yeah
Yes, I have the guts
I really wish that you could spend a day as me
You wanna take out your failures and regrets on me
You better be real careful how you talk me! Yeah
Yes, I have the guts
What 'cha say to me
With your envy
Go on, say it with your chest
What 'cha say to me
What 'cha say to me
Come on
Do you have the guts

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Chinese lyrics

  1. "现在我们要继续脚踏实地" is "xiànzài wǒmen yào jìxù jiǎotàshídì", which means, "Now we have to keep our feet on the ground."

  2. "现在我们要" is "xiànzài wǒmen yào", which means, " Now we want..."

 "Guts" is available on Spotify and other platforms, but each stream only equals a fraction of a penny. If you can download "guts" here for a dollar or more, I would really appreciate it! If you cannot afford to download "guts", though, sharing it will also help people! Please share stopsexualassault.org/guts with everyone you think could use it!


Hindi lyrics

  1. "Doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani ho jayega" means "milk of milk will become water of water."

  2. "Haan" means "yes."