As they deal with sexual assault, many survivors deal with other traumas. After a certain point in their healing, they begin to see all of their traumas as part of their beautifully imperfect lives. Released during the Dog Days of Summer, "feet" is a singer-songwriter, campfire-like song that exeplifies this. Listen for free, download the song for a dollar or more, and follow along with the lyrics below!

 "Feet" is available on Spotify and other platforms, but each stream only equals a fraction of a penny. If you can download "feet" here for a dollar or more, I would really appreciate it! If you cannot afford to download "feet", though, sharing it will also help people! Please share stopsexualassault.org/feet with everyone you think could use it!


Dear Dad, I know you hear me talking
I can always feel you when you come around me
Like I feel the wind
My life is moving so fast
I don’t know what’s happening
12 years feels like 12 weeks
6 years feels like 6 days, but

Here I am


I take one step at a time
Put one foot in front the other
Walking towards my destiny
But something always gets in my way
I feel behind, confused, insane
Losing you... 
Losing me, I mean


I take two steps ahead and then one back
You said focus… Am I focused
I thought that I would be farther than this
My feet are tired, can I lie down and rest


I’m trying so hard to rise up to the next level
And then the next, and then the next
But I feel like my life i
s going through mood swings with me
Day and night
I wish I had you here by my side


You’re supposed to be here
Show me how to do this
Share with me your mistakes
That I didn’t witness
Now God is my father, husband to my mother
Hiding you in Heaven
Yet I swear I can hear you saying

My Jewel

As you embark on this journey
I’m right beside you and I’m never leaving 
Through the valleys low
Up the mountains high
I will walk with you as God leads you


Yes, Jewel, carry on with your journey
I’m right beside you and 
I’m never leaving 
Take your time with this
Enjoy leaving your footprints
Mine are next to yours
And to the Lord’s


With your grandma’s, with your grandpa’s
With your uncles’… Your ancestors’
With the angels’, prophets’, saints'
We all walk with you every day