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Stephanie Marcellé

"I am a singer-songwriter, college student, and sexual assault survivor. Because my experiences influence my performing and songwriting, I speak and write about them here. If you want to learn more about me, please visit


Lynette Boyd

"I am Stephanie's mother. When I am not managing her music career, I speak and write about my experiences as the parent-advocate of a campus survivor, using my master's degree in counseling and my professional background in social services."

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About us

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, stopsexualassault.org is a mother-daughter project for students and their families. Founded on Sexual Assault Awareness Month's 2015 Day of Action, it focuses on sexual assault EDUCATION, SUPPORT, PREVENTION, and AWARENESS, while also providing information and resources about domestic/dating violence, stalking, substance abuse, and mental health. Learn more about us and what we do below.


We provide EDUCATION about sexual assault, leading people to understand, respect, and support

all survivors on and off- campus.


We give SUPPORT to campus survivors and their loved ones, helping them to navigate through the aftermath of sexual assault, fight for justice, and recover. 


We fight for PREVENTION of sexual assault at colleges and universities, advocating for the safety, care, and protection of all students by their schools.


We raise AWARENESS about our experiences, humanizing sexual assault to advance sensitivity, wholeness, and change on and off-campus.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or speaking/media requests, email us at stopsa4us@gmail.com or fill out the form below! We will respond within five business days.





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